To stay safe, dry, and secure in your home, you should inspect your roof every so often to be sure it’s not suffering from any damage. This is especially true after a storm, prolonged extreme heat, etc. While the best way to determine if you need repair or replacement is to hire a professional in residential roofing to inspect your roof, there are certain signs you can watch out for in general to be sure your home is structurally sound.

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How To Find Signs of Roof Damage

First, look at the shingles. It’s easy to see from ground level whether your shingles are starting to get cracked, broken, or curling up off the roof. Maybe there are some missing, pried from the roof either during a storm, by an animal, or by some other force. When shingles are missing or warped, your home risks more exposure to the elements and possible further damage, including leaks. 

When it comes to your gutters, a lot of different natural elements can weaken the granules in your shingles and knock them down into the gutters. This will leave shingles bare and risk further exposure to bad weather. Clogged gutters are also an issue, but one that’s easy to notice– next time it rains, look to see if the water is going in or over top of the gutter. A clogged gutter can lead to expensive and damaging structural damage.

Inside your home, if you start to see discoloration or dark spots that weren’t there before, there’s a possible case of water damage. Check your ceilings and walls for any spots. Mold may also appear if these water stains are unchecked for too long. You may also want to check your attic and/or basement for any damage that isn’t as visible every day. This damage can cause further problems later on and live with mold is bad for your health. Get your home inspected for water damage, especially if you recently experienced a lot of rain or storming.

How Hail Damage Can Affect Your Home

Hail damage is something else to watch out for, especially if you live in an area that is prone to storms. Central Texas in the summertime, for instance, risks a lot of hail damage to residential and commercial properties. If your home goes through a hail storm, even a minor one, you should have any potential damage inspected by a professional. Sometimes the issues are easy to spot, such as any dents or dings in your home brought on by heavy hail. But sometimes your house suffers damage that isn’t particularly visible, yet poses a threat to the home’s structural integrity. If you notice other things in the area, such as cars, shrubbery, etc. have been damaged by a recent hailstorm, call a professional to check out your home.

 Look in the attic and look on the ground for other issues. For instance, a gathering of granules on the ground may imply that your shingles are shedding and wearing down. Rotting wood in the attic can mean recent water damage which could lead to a repair or roof replacement. And of course, there will always be hidden instances of damage that the untrained eye may not be able to spot. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get a thorough, professional roof inspection annually or after any major weather event. Find a trusted, local roofer who knows exactly what kind of repair you may need, and who can recommend measures to take to prevent further roof damage. Sometimes, your current roof has outlasted its welcome, in which case you may need a full replacement. Professional roofers will know what materials and methods to use that will keep your home safe and looking like new. 

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