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The Benefits of Tile Roofing

Clay roofs withstand high winds, hail, and even fire. Tile roofs will never decay, require minimal maintenance, and are impervious to insect damage and rot. They are energy efficient and help maintain internal home temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly

Tile roofs are more environmentally friendly than shingle roofs. The materials are made of natural minerals and can be recycled once removed. One of the most advantageous features of tile roofs is their durability and the peace of mind they bring.


These roof types are extremely durable. They can last up to 100 years with little maintenance, repairs, or leaking. Tile roofs are well-known for their longevity.

In the central Texas climate, where extreme heat, occasional hailstorms, and the odd random freeze can affect our homes, it’s crucial to have a durable roof. If you’re looking into building or replacing your roof, you may want to consider a tile roofing system.

Gorgeous and long-lasting, tile roofs have many benefits for your home in Austin, Elgin, or elsewhere in Texas. They are also strong in hot weather. People often use tile roofing in Florida, Texas, California, and the Southwest.

Energy Efficient

Clay roofing tiles are also especially energy efficient during the hotter months, giving you thermal protection that allows hot air to escape easily and cool down your home. This requires you to put less pressure on your AC.

Low Maintenance

Clay tile roofs require less maintenance than many other types of roofing, such as shingle or metal roofing. Besides occasional cleanings, you aren’t required to do yearly maintenance or inspections to keep your roof long-lasting. Tile is also more impervious to damage from rot, insects, hail, high winds, and more. Rarely does a tile roof leak, and it will never decay like wood or other materials might.


You can get tile roofing materials in various styles, such as Spanish, Scandia, Roman, French, or Barrel tiles. Talk with your local roofing professional to determine the best style for your exact roof shape.

Some styles will be better suited to you than others, depending on how you want your home to look, your budget, and the slope of your roof. When installing a tile roof in Austin, TX, finding a high-quality and professional Austin roofing company is crucial. This will help guarantee your home’s durable, visually appealing, and energy-efficient roof.

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Tile Roof Options

Iberia Tile Roofing


Windsor Slate Tile Roofing

Windsor Slate

Windsor Shake Tile Roofing

Windsor Shake

Windsor Split Shake Tile Roofing

Windsor Split Shake

Tuscany tile Roofing


Mediterranean Tile Roofing


Tile Roofs 101

Tile roofs are perhaps the most suitable for salty coastal regions and areas that experience hot weather. In Central Texas, a prevailing SE wind comes off the Gulf of Mexico and blows brackish, humid air to the central Texas region most days.

Additionally, tile roofs can be practical for areas that receive lots of rain in a short amount of time. Texas also has this type of weather in March, April, and sometimes October. Roofing framing needs to be extremely sturdy to support the weight of tile roofs, so be sure to consult with a professional roofing contractor like Bill Sprauer Roofing before considering the construction of a tile roof in central Texas.

Common Tile Roof Options

Mediterranean | Iberia | Double lock | Windsor Slate | Windsor Shake | Windsor Split Shake

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