When it comes to central Texas weather, your home needs to be ready for all seasons. In recent years we’ve seen everything from snowy freezes to extreme heat. But the weather that has the most potential to cause damage to your roof is hailstorms. But don’t worry– there are many things you can do before and after a storm to minimize any roof hail damage to your Austin home. 

Trim Your Trees

If you know it’s storm season or suspects a storm is coming, be sure the trees around your roof are trimmed away from it. Hiring a professional to do this can ensure you won’t experience any dangerous falling trees during an upcoming storm.

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Check for Leaks or Worn Areas

Check around your home for any signs of damage such as rotting wood or leaks. These issues will likely escalate in the event of a storm, so taking care of them as soon as possible will save you from more of a hassle later. 

Regular Inspections from Professionals

Get regular inspections from residential roofing professionals to determine whether your roof is storm-ready. Find out the wind rating for your roof, as well as the typical wind rating required by other buildings in your area. It’s better to find out how secure your roof is early on than after a storm has done its damage. 

Post-Storm Assessment

After a storm occurs, assess your roof. Your basic visible assessment along with that of a professional Austin roofing company can help determine how much repair you may need. Maybe just a few shingles will need securing or replacement, or maybe you’ll be looking at a new roof. A professional roofer will also likely help you with any insurance claims that may apply due to the severe weather. 

Final Words

Even if there doesn’t initially appear to be any damage, or if you experience a very mild storm, it’s still worth checking your roof. Minor cracks or leaks can get worse over time, and if your roof isn’t storm-ready, it can suffer from even a tiny amount of Austin hail damage. Contact a professional to inspect your roof and make any recommendations, and in the future, do your best to maintain your home so that it’s ready for any central Texas weather.  Bill Sprauer Roofing is experienced in repairing roof storm damage in Austin and Central Texas. Give us a call to ensure you aren’t left in the cold.