With a rapidly growing population and a plethora of thriving local businesses, living in Elgin is a more exciting prospect than ever! Whenever there are an abundance of residential and commercial properties undergoing significant change, having the right contractors facilitating this growth becomes a must. The roofing experts at Bill Sprauer are committed to high quality service in order to preserve buildings, and to ensure the structural value of new ones for years to come. 


Storms in central Texas are no joke, and your Elgin roofing contractor should be no stranger to them. Damage from wind, torrential rain, and hail can be severe and problematic if not taken care of promptly and properly. There are many things to inspect for after a heavy storm in Elgin. These include stains, mold, warping, gutter issues, and flashing damage; all of which can be signs of leaks and further damage to your property. Finding a well reputed contractor with years of experience in central Texas is necessary to mitigate these kinds of issues. At Bill Sprauer Roofing, years of experience and outstanding customer reviews speak for themselves. 


With a climate that boasts such extreme temperatures as Elgin’s, ensuring that your property is well-insulated is essential. There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to roofing, and choosing the right one for your property can help to regulate the temperature indoors, even in the dead heat of summer. Asphalt shingle roofs have been a popular go-to for decades. Tile roofs are stylish and insulative. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in this sector as they are relatively low maintenance and are effective in maintaining the internal temperature of a home or business. 


When it comes to your business, a good roof should never be overlooked. 

Not only does it make a difference with how customers view your business from the outside, it makes a difference to how they feel inside— whether they are aware of it or not. A neglected roof can lead to leaks that cause damage to merchandise, loss of customers, and in the worst case scenario, condemnation of a building. Obviously, it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid these issues before they become problematic. Contacting the right Elgin roofing company for regular inspections can go a long way towards keeping your building in good working order. 


The roof is the most important part of your house or business. A well built and regularly maintained roof is an investment that will keep you comfortable and capable for years to come. As Elgin continues to grow, familiarizing yourself with your local Elgin roofing companies is becoming increasingly important. Whether you are looking to maintain your business or construct your dream home, finding a contractor whose experience and reputation you can trust can lead to an exciting partnership that aims at protecting your investment and innovating your life. The roofing experts at Bill Sprauer are leaders on the roofing market not just due to over a decade of hands-on roofing experience in central Texas, but also because of countless outstanding reviews from satisfied customers.