In the Austin Texas climate where extreme heat, occasional hailstorms, and the odd random freeze can affect our homes, it’s crucial to have a durable roof. If you’re looking into building or replacing your roof, you may want to consider tile roofing your Austin home. 


Gorgeous and long-lasting, and a standout feature of many Central Texas homes tile roofs have many benefits when it comes to your home in Austin, Elgin, or elsewhere in Texas. Tile roofing is notorious for holding up against hot climates, which is why you will see many of them throughout Florida, Texas, California, and more of the Southwest. Clay roofing tiles are also especially energy-efficient during the hotter months, giving you thermal protection that allows hot air to escape easily and cool down your home. This requires you to put less pressure on your AC.


Clay tile roofs require less maintenance than many other types of roofing. Other than occasional cleanings, you aren’t required to do yearly maintenance or inspections to keep your roof long-lasting. Tile is also more impervious to damage from rot, insects, hail, high winds, and more. It is rare that a tile roof leaks, and it will never decay like wood or other materials might. 


Of course, there are a few cons to balance out the pros of tile roofing. For one, tile is more expensive than many other materials. While most would argue it’s worth spending more to ensure such a long-lasting roof, the cost may not fit into your budget. Clay tile costs more than concrete, so if you need a more cost-efficient version of a tile roof, maybe it’s time to spring for concrete tile. Tile is also very heavy and can crack or break under a certain amount of damage. You’ll need to be sure the framing and structure are extremely solid under your tile roofing. It also requires more difficult installation. The tiles are brittle, and may not be suitable for every roof and its various slopes.  However, under the right conditions, a professional Texas roofing company will gladly fit your roof with sturdy, beautiful tile.


You can get tile roofing in a variety of styles, such as Spanish style, Scandia tiles, Roman tiles, French, or Barrel tiles. Talk with your local roofing professional to figure out what the best style is for your exact roof shape. Depending on how you want your home to look, your budget, and the slope of your roof, some styles will be better suited to you than others. It’s important to seek out good-quality, professional roofing services to install tile roofing and ensure a long-lasting, attractive, energy-efficient roof for your home.