Big storms are not unusual in central Texas. With heavy rains, high wind speed, and hail, roofs in Austin are prone to many types of damage from inclement weather. Knowing who to contact for repairs to your property after such a storm is essential in maintaining the integrity of your home. There are many Austin Roofing contractors to choose from, so here are a few helpful tips to help you determine which central Texas residential roofing expert is right for you.

Inspecting for Damage 

In order to determine what kind of repairs may be necessary, it is important to inspect your property to get a proper assessment of damages. Roofing companies in central Texas are well versed in the kinds of damage homes are subject to after big storms, so they know what kind of clues to look for. It is common for residential roofing companies to look for:

-Staining of the ceiling in the attic, top floor rooms, and around vents and ventilation fans as these can be signs of leak damage.

-Moisture in the rafters, beams, insulation, and framing of the house. These can be signs of a leak and can lead to mold infestation.

-Peeling paint or warping of the roof

-Broken or damaged drainage systems

Certifications and Expertise

When you’re looking for a professional to undertake a job, you want someone with the right qualifications. The same goes for your roofing company. It takes experience and knowledge to recognize the nature and root of a roofing issue and to implement the right solution. Coming to the right decision as to what to repair or replace and how can be confusing, so making sure to have the right people on the job is important. Finding a contractor who is located in the central Texas area will help to ensure their experience with weather damage in the region. It is also wise to ensure that whatever contractor you chose is certified through leading commercial manufacturers. This speaks to their knowledge and experience working with the most modern and cutting-edge materials in the roofing game.

Insurance Coverage

Any roof repair company worth hiring has solid insurance policies in place. These policies help to protect the client from any injuries sustained, or mistakes made by the contractor during their time at work on your property. It is wise to be upfront and ask the roofing company for up-to-date copies of their insurance policies. It is in everyone’s best interest when it comes to staying safe. 

Reputation and Reviews 

Of course, the reputation of your Austin roof repair company matters. Any company worth hiring should have a solid backing of good reviews from satisfied customers. Finding a contractor that has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good way to verify the reputability of a company. Bill Sprauer Roofing has been a leader in residential roofing in Austin not only because of years of experience but also because of stellar customer reviews and ratings.