The roof of a house is its highest point, making it the primary protective element of a home, but this also makes it a part of the home we see the least. Negligence towards the state that a roof is in is the reason that many roofs do not reach their maximum lifespan (see When to Repair vs Replace Your Roof). It is advantageous for any homeowner to work with an experienced, certified, and well-reputed residential roofing contractor to maximize the efficacy of their roof. Whether you need a full roof replacement in Austin, a tile roofing replacement, or need to repair roof wind damage, ensure you do your homework. Here are a few helpful tips and important things to consider when setting out to find your Austin roofing contractor. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Although hiring a roofing contractor can be difficult if you aren’t experienced in the roofing business, it isn’t impossible! Follow the below tips and you’ll find the perfect roofing company in Central Texas to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Longevity and Professionalism

Any Austin roofing company worth its salt has the experience necessary to get the job done right. This level of experience and professionalism should make itself clear through an abundance of positive customer reviews and ratings. Any roofing company that is reflected negatively by its customer base should be avoided. 

Local Roofing Contractors

Working with a contractor that has a local, physical location is essential in maintaining consistency. If you have questions, need helpful advice, or are seeking any other kind of help with your roof, being able to find your roofing contractor in a physical location can help give you peace of mind. Check whether a contractor has a physical address and a full, working crew of staff members. If a contractor is lacking in these areas, it is usually best to move on. 

Licensed and Insured

It is absolutely vital that a roofing company and all of its roofing experts and personnel are licensed and insured under the most up-to-date industry requirements. Licensed contractors have undergone and passed multiple tests that ensure the quality of their work. Insurance is essential in protecting both them and the homeowner. If they are to get injured on the job, they will be compensated by the company and not by you. Any roofing company without these necessary requirements should be passed up. 

Roofing Warranty

One of the most important things to look for when surveying Austin roofing companies is the warranty they offer for your roof. Any roofing job done on your home should include two types of warranties: a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty. The workmanship warranty accounts for any mistakes made in the installation of your roof. The manufacturer’s warranty covers the malfunctioning of any components of the roof. Having these warranties in place protects you from having to pay for someone else mistakes. Additionally, these warranties can protect you from unforeseen occurrences such as storm or hail damage (see How Much Damage Can a Storm Do to Your Roof).

Final Words

Finding the right roofing contractor can be difficult. Whether your roof is in need of repairs, replacement, or a thorough inspection, it’s important to find a contractor with the right experience, specifications, and certifications to meet your needs. A good contractor should leave you satisfied with your roof, and with peace of mind that your investment has what it needs to hold out against the elements and stand the test of time.