Pflugerville & Round Rock Storm, Wind, & Hail Roof Damage

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Possible Damage From Storms:

  • Granule Loss
  • Cracks In Shingles
  • Exposed Fiberglass Mat
  • Fractured Mat
  • Weakened Self-Seal Strip

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How Hail Damage Affects Your Roof

When disregarded, the destruction of shingles and roofs due to storms can rapidly escalate to producing leaks or ice dams. These nuisances can subsequently cause mold, electrical disturbances, or decayed wood — all excessively pricey. As adept contractors specializing in roofing repairs and replacements in Pflugerville & Round Rock, we offer unparalleled expertise in mending hail-induced roof damage or promptly substituting severely destroyed roofs caused by tree branches and gusts wind, or other detrimental phenomena.

Over 25 Years of Expert Service

Even trivial instances of hailstorms in Texas, where no immediate damage is apparent, can result in inconspicuous complications. It is imperative that you have your roof examined by the esteemed professionals at Sprauer. Having serviced the Austin, Pflugerville, and Round Rock vicinities for over 25 years, we have the expertise to meticulously evaluate any hail-related damage.
We will apprise you of any areas that require fortification, refurbishment, or replacement to ensure the pristine condition of your roof. Additionally, we will aid you in determining if it is necessary to contact your insurance provider and make a claim regarding the hail-induced damage.

Don’t Neglect Hailstorms

Whatever actions you may take, do not disregard the severity of hailstorms. Seek the expertise of the proficient individuals at Sprauer Roofing to prevent further damage. The repercussion of neglecting shingle and roof damage can swiftly escalate to a point where it may cause leaks or ice dams, leading to detrimental effects such as mold damage, electrical problems, or even decayed wood, all of which incur significant expenses to repair. We specialize in repairing hail roof damage or swiftly replacing a severely damaged roof caused by destructive events such as tree limbs or wind. The most recent hailstorm in the region has resulted in an enormous amount of roof damage, but there is still a window of opportunity for you to obtain an insurance quote and secure coverage for roof repair or replacement.

In Pflugerville, the detrimental effects of hail roof damage can quickly snowball into a costly repair as the water damage gradually spreads. Therefore, it is imperative that you take a proactive approach and establish communication with the proficient Pflugerville roofers at Sprauer Roofing without delay.

Get Hail Damage Repaired

When shingle and roof damage is disregarded, it may rapidly escalate into leaks or ice dams, leading to consequential mold damage, electrical anomalies, or the decay of the underlying wood — all of which pose a significant financial burden for repairs. Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize prompt attention to any roof damage to prevent further deterioration and mitigate potential expenses.

The Effects of Hail Damage

The ramifications of hail roof impairment are contingent on an array of variables: the size of the hailstones, the swiftness and course of the wind, the roofing material, the antiquity of the roofing materials, and the angle of inclination all contribute to the conceivable roof injury that may ensue during a hailstorm. Roof wreckage from hailstones is pernicious when it engenders leakage and other predicaments.

Conduct an Inspection

In the realm of roofing, conspicuous harm such as the violent tearing away of shingles from their foundation or the felling of tree limbs upon the roof’s surface may be discerned with ease, however, the identification of more minor destruction may prove challenging to an untutored observer. Therefore, it is recommended that a roofing inspection be procured from a learned professional, whose expertise may be employed to evaluate the detrimental effects of hail upon the roof.

Don’t Let Damage Go Unchecked

The consequences that result from hail damage have the potential to induce unwarranted expenditures if left unattended. Deterioration of wood and the growth of mold are prime examples of such, and they have the propensity to escalate beyond a manageable state before detection. Being proactive with regards to possible predicaments of this nature has the potential to preserve the integrity of your domicile and potentially prevent the dissipation of thousands of dollars.

Sprauer Conducts Repairs

If your roof has encountered potential hail damage, do not procrastinate on scheduling a repair or inspection. We boast over two decades of expertise in the field of residential and commercial roofing. Our team of proficient roofers can promptly assess any potential predicaments and determine the most cost-effective solution. Simply complete the form on this page to acquire your $500 voucher and relieve yourself of any apprehension.

major hail damage to a roof

Hail Damage Effects

The effects of hail roof damage can differ according to a range of factors: hail size, wind speed, wind direction, the material of the roof, age of materials, and slope all have an effect on the possible roof damage that occurs during a hail storm. Hail damage has been found all over the Pflugerville and Round Rock area after the storm of 2021. Hurry and schedule an inspection to qualify for insurance replacement or repair of your hail damaged roof in these areas.

Damaged ceiling from water leak

Don't Ignore Hail Damage

The effects of hail damage can cause unnecessarily expensive costs if ignored. Wood rot and mold, for example, can spiral out of control and are hard to detect until it’s almost too late. Being proactive about potential issues like these can save you thousands of dollars and keep your home in great condition.

Asphalt shingles damage. Roofing shingles asphalt. Fixing damaged roof shingles.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Severe roof damage, like shingles ripped off the roof or tree branches down, is obvious, but minor damage may be difficult to detect with an untrained eye. Get a roof inspection for a trained professional to assess the hail damage on your roof.

Home repaired from hail damage

We Help With Your Repairs

Don’t hesitate on getting your roof repaired or inspected after it has suffered possible hail damage. We have over two decades of experience in roofing residential and commercial properties. Our roofing experts can quickly determine if there are any potential problems and the best way to fix them at the most cost-effective price. Fill out the form on this page to claim your $500 voucher and leave your worries behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Hail Damage can Occur?

Damage can be functional or cosmetic, and it’s the cosmetic damage that is sometimes more severe than it looks. Things like broken edges, bruises, punctures, and granule loss can cause serious complications, though they may seem cosmetic at first.

What are Specific Instances of Hail Damage?

Granule loss – Granules are the sandpaper-like part of the shingle. When a shingle loses granules, its asphalt coating is exposed to the elements, and this leads to accelerated aging. Take a look in your gutters and downspouts after a hailstorm to see if any granules have come off your shingles.

Cracks in the shingles – Hard hail impacts or high winds can grip the shingles and cause cracks. This can lead to exposure and tears, leaving your roof with bare spots. Cracked shingles cannot effectively protect your roof from the weather.

Exposed fiberglass mat – Hail impact on a roof can shatter the shingles’ surfacing, causing it to break away from the fiberglass mat underneath.

Fractured fiberglass mat – Fractured fiberglass can be slightly harder to detect and usually requires a trained eye. Fractured fiberglass mats can result in tears and cracks from a point of hail impact.

Weakened self-seal strip – High winds and hail can weaken the seal integrity of your shingles. A weakened seal is what causes a shingle to blow off and can leave your roof exposed to the elements. Once a shingle is damaged, its integrity has been permanently compromised. This can lead to leaks, and it can cause other shingles around it to tear.

How Do I Know If I Have Hail Damage?

Get a roof inspection for a trained professional to assess the hail damage on your roof or follow our helpful tips.

The first place to look for damage caused by hail is your gutters. High-impact hail that causes roof damage will most likely dent your gutters and/or downspouts. This is the easiest place to see and evaluate when looking for signs of roof damage. If there are dents and dings on your gutters and downspouts, you’re likely to have problems on the roof.

Gutters will also fill up and clog due to granules that shingles can shed when hail hits them. Clogged and overflowing gutters indicate that hail may have damaged your roof. The second place we suggest looking is your siding, and the third place is your deck. Both of these areas will experience damage from a bad hailstorm and are easy indicators for potential shingle damage. Any hail damage on our siding or deck means you should get a roof inspection.

What If I Just Ignore Hail Damage?

When ignored, shingle and roof damage can quickly turn into leaks or ice dams. These eventually turn into mold damage, electrical issues, or rotting wood — all of which are expensive to fix.

Wood rot and mold, for example, can spiral out of control and are hard to detect until it’s almost too late. Being proactive about potential issues like these can save you thousands of dollars and keep your home in great condition.


What Can I Do About My Hail Damage?

At Bill Sprauer Roofing, we build and repair residential home roofs for our customers around the Central Texas area. We have been building, servicing, and repairing commercial roofs for over two decades, all the while, offering fair prices, expert craftsmanship, and 100% reliability. We like to under-promise and over-deliver.

If you believe you have hail damage, simply fill out the form on this page and claim your $500 voucher to get started on your repairs immediately.


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